Healthy Home

Healthy Home

plantsHaving a healthy home is essential to living a long happy life.  A home should have plenty of oxygen producing plants inside of it especially if you have the doors and windows closed for a majority of the time.  A great example of this is when I lived in Stamford, CT.  It would get so hot during the summer that I would be forced to shut all the windows and crank the AC.  Often times the AC isn’t great for you, and on top of that the new oxygen flow is very limited.  Four to six plants oxygen producing plants will greatly improve the overall health of your home.

On top of that the energy given from those plants will give your room some much needed positive life energy.  You should be very careful of the harmful fragrances, candles, and cleaning product that you use.  They can be very bad for your health especially in a room with a lack of air circulating.  I went the extra mile when I was living in Stamford, and only used a organic, green and eco-friendly carpet cleaner.  He did an amazing job, and I could really feel the difference.

Take it from me, a mother of 4 now and serious Health Guru.  Spend the extra couple bucks, it’ll be 100% worth it!



Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Himalayan Pink Salt LampAnother great idea to add to your home is a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp.  This amazing product is not only affordable, but will completely improve your home health.  The lamp has numerous benefits from improving your sleep, to increasing your energy levels.  One of the top reasons I personally chose this product is because it neutralizes your electromagnetic radiation.  Electromagnetic Radiation or EM Radiation for short is coming off of your phone, tablet, computer, TV, and everything else electronic in your house as you read this blog.

EM Radiation has not had enough time to be researched heavily, and the following opinions are based on my personal experience rather than fact.  Health Gurus agree that in 2016 “Sitting is the new Smoking”, but what they don’t realize is that in 2036 EM Ration will be the new sitting!  EM Radiation is so powerful that in 10 years bees will be extinct because they navigate properly with WiFi disrupting their ability to find home.

EM is known to cause problems already according to Gurus like Paul Chek, Joey Lefkowitz, and Ashley Diamonds.  Tesla even invented a EM blocking machine, because they know how bad it is for you.  I personally have a salt lamp, but if you can’t afford one then try this alternative resolution.  Take your phone, and place it far away from you when you go to sleep.  See if you notice a change.  Comment below when you do!


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