Back Pain – The Wrong Treatment

Back Pain – The Wrongbackpain Treatment

The biggest problem we have in this country isn’t weight discrimination like I mentioned in my last post.  Instead the biggest issue we have is the fact that the whole USA is obsessed with treating the symptoms instead of the root cause.  When someone says they have back pain they check with the most reputable sources like WebMD.

WebMD says to take anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with the back pain.  Are you kidding me?  By taking anti-inflammatory drugs you’re overworking your kidneys.  You’re not treating anything but the pain.  It’s unbelievable that these huge companies don’t want to truly help people.

The Right Treatment

The right treatment for back pain is much different. You need to figure out the cause of the back pain.  In most cases the cause back pain itself is a instability of the back.  The instability is caused by a unhealthy gut.  To treat the back, you really need to treat the gut.  Taking probiotics will be very helpful, but you need a prebiotic like apple cider vinegar.  On top of that you’ll need to start to figure out if you have any other issues ranging from glute amnesia to bulging discs.

Treating the gut will be a slower approach to minimizing the pain you experience, but you can actually change the way your back functions.  Changing the way your back functions will allow it to heal, strengthen and prevent future injuries.

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