More or Less Healthy? You decide

More or Less Healthy

You have two choices when you’re about to jam that whatever down your throat.  Ask yourself..

Do I want to be more healthy?

Do I want to be less healthy?

That’s the question you must ask yourself. 

Foods are an amazing thing.  Foods can be used for pleasure.  Foods can be used for fuel.  The absence of foods can be used to suppress cultures, kill, and used as torture.  The plethora of food can be used to nurture civilizations, make families whole, and cause diabetes.  Food is an amazing thing.

Eating is done for many different reasons.  People eat because they are starving.  People eat for fun.  People eat while they are under stress.  People eat in victory.  People eating in 2016 divides out culture into what is socially acceptable, who will get the job, and who will not.  There are many laws against racial discrimination, but weight discrimination is still allowed.

Weight Discrimination

weight discriminationBeing Black, White, Yellow or Brown doesn’t really matter.  Yes, there are certainly some advantages to being white in america, but there are certainly some disadvantages in other walks of life.  I’m not here to start an argument of white privilege or not, because if you’re so focused on what other people have that you don’t then that’s your problem.  Don’t make it your problem.

Who would you hire for a corporate job?  The fat white guy, or the buff black guy?  I’m sure the latter, because weight discrimination is a big issue in this country.  Now is weight discrimination as bad as racial discrimination?  That’s a question to answer in another blog post.

The point that I’m trying to get across here is that there is a serious weight discrimination in this country.

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