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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

One thing that I’ve learned over my time being a Health Guru is for one of your clients to really achieve true weight loss you need to put yourself in their shoes.  I did exactly that recently!  I stopped taking my probiotics, and neglected keeping a healthy home.  Heck, I even stopped working out.  I didn’t do anything.  I completely let myself go, and then went over to McDonalds’ everyday for the following 6 months.

Sure enough I gained over 50 pounds of serious fat!  My adrenal glands suffered because of the poor nutrition I was receiving.

Why on Earth did I do this?

After all that hard work… why let everything go?  To prove a point!  Not to my sister, or my aunt or another family member.  I actually needed to prove a point to my carpet cleaner, because I knew that he could lose weight if he tried.  Eric, my carpet cleaner would always remark that there was no way he could lose weight.  He suggested that because of the fact that he worked with his hands all day, and eat according to the food pyramid that his body was just unable to lose weight.

I met Eric at the Mcdonalds he always go to for lunch everyday for 6 months.  He could visibly see the weight that I was packing on.  At the 6th month point he broke down to let me know that he really needed to make a change… heck “we both needed a change”.

Since then Eric has lost 120 pounds… and I’ve lost 52.